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About Us

• RELINK is a Nordic - Croatian – Serbian development platform with organizations in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Offices are located in Zagreb, Belgrade and Banja Luka.

• RELINK was founded on the platform of 4 years of work with the Danish innovative and Development company Aresa A/S in Croatia back in 2006. The program developed into Bosnia Herzegovina and later continued to Serbia in 2007. The programs was completed by end of 2008.

• Nordic and foreign developers and investors have been facing lack of international project and program management skills based on proven and accredited standards and methodologies. In cooperation with SPOCE in UK and Denmark RELINK introduced PRINCE2 in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina since January 2009. 

• RELINK is an affiliated PRINCE2 training organization providing PRINCE2 project and program management training, accreditation and implementation in Western Balkan.

• Our consultants and approved PRINCE2 trainers has more than 15 years of experience working with reconstruction and development projects in the Western Balkan region since 1995.

• RELINK are working on regional development and integration between younger entrepreneurs, innovative organizations facilitating public private partnership environment in Western Balkan region.

• RELINK is especially focusing on Croatian-Serbian partnerships within renewable energy, environment, climate, organic farming and intelligent waste management, were most European stakeholders are using international accredited project management standards to include PRINCE2.

• RELINK facilitate project development including partner building, identifying and describing joint interest, provide Eurofunding and compensation plans as part of project planning. In cooperation with partners defining scope, project activities, budgets, time, quality and benefits. Approved trainers from Croatia and Serbia supported by international accredited trainer organization SPOCE from UK and Denmark.

  • In Croatia RELINK has implemented projects in Zagreb, Karlovac, Osijek, Vukovar, Gospic, Zadar, Ston and Istria. 
  • In Serbia RELINK has implemented projects in Novi Sad, Paracin and Belgrade.
  • In Bosnia and Herzegovina RELINK has implemented projects in Sarajevo, Mostar, Doboj, Maglaj, Brcko, Bosanski Samac and Banja Luka.
  • Our organization is based on network consultants and partnership with experienced multidisciplinary partners in the Nordic countries, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro. 



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