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Risk Assessment. 

South East Europe, Western Balkan is slowly reducing the bureaucratic and time consuming procedures for any business or development activity.

How ever number of local government, counties and state level is still intensive with more than 500 municipalities, 20 counties and a heavy state administration.

Local, regional and personal interest at all levels can easily delay or destroy a potential idea if all levels in the project cycle are not constantly involved. Critical assumptions must be monitored and mitigated at any time. 

Permitting risks are serious obstacles to any project in South East Europe. RELINK can facilitate the project by being present at right time, right place connecting you to the right persons. 

The residual risks of main concern in most projects are:

• Land price
• Land price increase rates
• Risk of NOT getting the permits
• Restriction in location permits
• Urbanistic plans (county and municipality)
• Environmental restrictions
• Permitting related to public properties (tenders, concession) 
• Risk of public hearing
• Tendering of public properties
• Acquisition rate
• Financial profitability
• Sector syndicate
• Matching funds, PPP
• Time constraints 
• Ethnic conflicts 
• Personal interests (Vesa) 
• Corruption
• Transition & bureaucracy



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