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Incorporation of company

Setting up a new company in Serbia is an important but time consuming process. Most of all it requires knowledge of where, how and who to contact including authorized interpreter, correct translations, stamps and signatures. In addition you need to stand in lines (cue) with hundreds of other people from early morning until late afternoon (sometimes without succeeding). To avoid this kind of situation, you ´ll receive your company incorporation documents, including tax identification number (PIB) , permanent bank account, company stamps (nothing works in Serbia without a stamp) and you will save important time and money by using RELINK business support in the early phase of your new business allowing you to concentrate of your core business activities.

Incorporation of company includes legal work, registration and incorporation of the company, opening a bank account, registration for V.A.T. (sometimes not recommend in Serbia), social security registration, accounting contract (we can provide you with monthly accounting services) and personal assistance throughout the incorporation process.

Leasing agreements and office premises

Finding the right office in Serbia is absolute crucial for your future work and success here. A new business premises requires a correct leasing agreement (needed for incorporation of your company) and in some cases special permits. RELINK business support offers you office-finding, finalizing leasing agreements and any other support to get your business platform up running.

Accounting and legal services

RELINK has entered partnerships with legal advisers and accounting services which are not “destroying you” with high unpredictable costs in the early phase of your business activities. After your incorporation has been completed RELINK will be able to provide ongoing business support.

Virtual office space

• Central Belgrade address where the company can be registered
• Pick-up and administration of the company’s mail
• Mail forwarding to any Belgrade address

On-Call Secretary services

Temporary employment could be a solution for your company or business activity in high peaks or in early phase of your business development. RELINK provides On-call Secretary services (project secretary, project support and project management).

Interpreter and translation services

All official documents in Serbia are in Serbian (you will probably not be able to read Cyrillic) and must be submitted to authorities in local language, that´s why authorized court interpreters are needed in many situations. RELINK offers professional interpreter and translation services so you do not have to worry about the content of your documents and business meetings.



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