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How to get EU funds?
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RELINK has more than 15 years of experience in project building , project funding and project management. If your project proposal is approved by the evaluators in the European Commission we can organize and manage your project. Eurofunding consists of the following services:

Monitoring & information - calls for tenders and proposals

How to get Eurofunding? The European Community has setup the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) for the Western Balkan region. The countries in South East Europe has different status in the EU enlargement process. Croatia is a candidate for EU Accession with access to all 5 components in the IPA structure.

There are five different components in the IPA structure with different criteria for EU candidates and potential EU candidates and additional programs for the region like ”Neighbourhood and Partnership” (Mediterranean, New Independent State), Adriatic and South East Europe program.

The EU structural funds include the research and development program FP7. Structural funds are only for EU members with more than 60 different programs for Eurofunding. A total of 900 billion € is allocated in the period from 2007 – 2013. 75 billion € are allocated for external aid programs including IPA.

It is a time consuming and complex process monitoring and collecting information about many programs, call for tenders and proposals from the EU. RELINK can assist you in this process based on a specific monitoring and information plan.

RELINK can provide you with a complete mapping strategy plan with strong network to the Nordic funds, such as the Nordic Ministry of Foreign Affairs sector programs, IFU, NORFUND, NIB/NOPEC. The mapping plan will assist you as a public fund manager, understanding the obstacles and opportunities for your project.

Identifying and matching partners for your project

If you want to setup a project involving local or European partners in South East Europe RELINK is the right platform with sister organizations in Serbia and Bosnia, a strong network to the Nordic EU members matching your project with the right partners, decision makers and goodwill ambassadors including lobyism with the European Community institutions, local authorities or government, gaining maximum support for your project.

RELINK will use EuropeAid partner-database, established network in the region, connection via the Nordic Embassies, Nordic Chamber of Commerce, private sector and the investment environment in the Nordic countries to identify and match you up with the right partners.

Partnerships must be established in an early phase of the project, normally one year before the actual project takes place and always before an EU application is submitted, based on Memorandum of Understanding or Partnership Agreements. RELINK facilitates the hole process acting as mediator and negotiator in the matching process.

As a Public Fund Manager you will have a strong regional partner ensuring that all aspects, formalities and opportunities have been optimized in a transparent way before you build your project applying for Eurofunding.

Project building and application writing

Building a project based on call for public tenders, decided by EU and national authorities, or call for proposals, grants based on the applicants idea must be done according to Eurofunding requirements to succeed.

Defining the project with a logframe in a project management cycle is part of the process. Accredited project management tools like PRINCE2™, understanding of participatory components, defining key components such as Cross-Cutting Issues, beneficiaries, partnerships based on real needs and problems requires ”state of the art” programming, application writting and project management.

RELINK ensures that your project and application is realistic, specific, that efficiency, effectiveness and coherence is clearly described in the project focusing on short term results and a long term impact.

During the entire project phase EU owns the project. The goal is sustainability, utility and contribution to civil society and EU enlargement. This means that Intellectual property right, ownership and other legal and financial issues must be solved between the partners and EU before the project starts. RELINK act as mediator for the project in this critical phase.

Project management when your project has been approved

A eurofunded project or programme will require minimum 2 – 5 partners. A typical IPA project would have minimum one EU member partner and several EU candidates or potential EU candidate members.

One of the partners must act as a project manager (controller & coordinator) for the entire project, responsible to the EU, signing for the grants, responsible for the Action Plan, budget for action, HR management, time plans, travel plans and procurement plans including reporting back to the EU authorities.

RELINK can provide project management support for your project, including all administration & financial reports based on PRINCE2™ project management methods.

Tailored training ”How to access EU funding”

A tailor-made training program helps your Public Funding Manager to understand the logic of IPA . The planning of documents including the 5 components of IPA Annual Action Programmes, Cross-Border Cooperation, Transnational and Interregional Programmes and the Operational Programmes of EU.

Tailored training will be provided according to RELINK´s regional training plan or as training course based on your core activities, your needs and profile of the participants. Local authorities and decision makers could be invited to participate to strengthen the local platform of your project.

All team members can be involved for a more efficient project building and fund management.

You will gain advantage of a small or regional group to organize practical training session including use of the Logical Framework Analysis (LFA) today a requirement for any EU application, writting a full application before your training is completed. The training will normally last from 2 – 5 days but can be tailored according to your needs.



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