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  • RELINK have developed Public Private Partnerships arond the world since 2006.
  • RELINK has worked from 2006 until end of 2008 developing strategic investments and development plans for mine-affected land in Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia.
  • In spring 2008 a regional media campaign was launched with regular advertisements in national newspapers in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, searching for owners of mine suspected land, willing to sell 50% below market prices. A very solid business plans were ready by the end of 2008, supported by experienced local experts and international consultants from Niras .
  • More than 200 potential projects had been identified by receiving calls from all the region from persons who saw IMAP as a new opportunity to speed up the demining process, reclaiming arable land or solving their ownership disputes after the homeland war in 1992-95. RELINK keeps the data base of potential project and has developed an innovative business plan for 8 of these projects. 
  • Field assessment coordination team (FACT) investigated most of the potential projects with agricultural, renewable energy or development profile. Several plots had potential for re-zoning the land from agricultural to industrial or construction zones, with location and building permits.
  • Since 2008 RELINK started to setup sister companies purchasing agricultural and construction land in Croatia and Serbia.
  • 22 projects have been described since 2008 based on updated county and municipality development plans, a new land-reform, with a commercial perspective for development and investment.
  • RELINK completed 2 pilot projects  so far, including evaluation of investment and development potential supported by Urban Institute of Croatia and Niras International, one agricultural and environmental project. 
  • investors combining investment, development and humanitarian intervention into an Integrated Mine Action Project. 
  • RELINK has entered partnership with two of the strongest and most professional commercial demining companies providing highly effective solutions for land release for any foreign investor. 



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