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  • The idea of Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Mine Action was founded in 2006., during 3 years of work with the Danish company Aresa trying to develop a biosensor landmine plant for Technical Survey and Quality Control in Mine Action.
  • The idea turned into a new and very innovative business strategy developing the concept of Integrated Mine Action Projects (IMAP). During 2007-2009 feasibility studies, risk assessment and pilot projects were developed and tested in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia.
  • A media campaign was launched in the entire region to identify mine suspected areas with commercial profile. More than 200 mine fields were identified with 22 having investment profile.
  • Private investors in Scandinavia and Germany are especially interested in provding matching funds with donors such as ITF and NMAA in return of concession or privatization of mine suspected areas.
  • In 2008 Croatia adopted a new land legislation for agricultural land including the options of free concession for 10 years in return of funds for demining followed by investment.
  • The International Trust Fund, ITF signed a MoU based on matching funds 1:1 with the Danish investor in November 2008. This is an excellent example of Public Private Partnership in Mine Action. This option was never used by Aresa due to he global financial crisis, but other investors are now willing to invest in South East Europe mine suspected areas!
  • It is especially in the sectors of renewable energy (wind, solar and biomass), agro, forestry, environment and commercial construction were you can find investors who will benefit from IMAP.
  • RELINK offers a complete business plan including mapping, matching, design and project implementation of investment and development of arable mine suspected land in the Western Balkan region.



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