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Private owned Agro land Eastern Slavonia, Croatia

  • Agricultural land, small plots, private owned, ownership clear, fair prices, collecting prizes into bigger plots, subventions and incentives, areas of state concern with favorable tax conditions in one of Croatia most fertile agricultural zones.
  • Parcels typical 1 – 5 ha (up to 10), 50 % is mine suspected areas in Osijek-Baranja County, one of Croatia`s most innovative and EU friendly environment.
  • Good humus soil, ideal organic and conventional farming, possible changing from agriculture to construction zones, near main roads, close to Danube river, Hungarian and Serbian borders with good infrastructure via Trans-European Corridor 10 connecting Zagreb – Belgrade, near Zupanja-Lipovac highway.
State owned Agro land Eastern Slavonia, Croatia
  • Agricultural land in big parcels, 100 – 400 ha, state owned mine suspected areas, long term concession (or privatization) in return of matching funds for demining and reclamation of arable land. Possible concession free for the first 10 years followed by attractive market conditions up to 40 years.
  • Proven agricultural expertise and a good business plan is required, excellent location for plantation, organic or biotech agricultural production including production of raw materials for bio-fuels and biogas, close to newly approved and future largest biogas plant in Europe.
  • Local government support, area of state concern, attractive taxable, subvention and incentives. Part of the land is inside agricultural construction zone with good infrastructure via Trans-European Corridor 10 connecting Zagreb – Belgrade, near Zupanja-Lipovac in Vukovar-Srijem County.
  • A complete environmental study has been completed together with a ready-to-go innovative business plan for plantation, vegetables or potato production, provided by one of Europe most experienced advisory groups.
  • Additional 200 - 400 ha of private owned land in small plots of 1 - 10 ha for sale.
Private owned land, Agro and Energy projects, Dalmatia, Croatia
  • Agricultural land, plantation, vegetables, wine, land for Renewable Energy projects, fish farming in Dubrovnik-Neretva County. A total of 635 ha, some 10 ha mine suspected areas, near the border with Bosnia & Herzegovina.
  • Close to one of Croatia´s most attractive tourist and national park locations, private owned land, in a perfect location only 45 km from Dubrovnik.
  • National park area, focus on low CO2 emission development, hotels (100 – 400 beds), fish related industry has a high profile, strict environmental protection with new highway passing nearby in 2011.
Private owned Agro land in Zadar County, Dalmatia, Croatia
  • Agricultural land in one parcel, 35 ha, highly potential tourism and organic farming, plantation, vegetable production and livestock (sheep) land. Good areas for renewable energy including wind and solar (wind studies for last 10 years).
  • Black humus soil in the middle of Dalmatia, underground river, natural irrigation, separated by Velebit mountain dividing continental and Mediterranean climate, lime stone rocky area with micro-regional unique agricultural land used for wine, fruit, olive and vegetable production
  • Zadar County has more than 80 km2 of mine suspected areas with a newly completed urban plan. RELINK can provide you with detailed information regarding more than 10 minefields for investment and development in this region of Croatia.
  • One of the most developed parts of Dalmatia, only 2.5 hrs drive from Zagreb.
State owned construction land in Sibenik, Dalmatia , Croatia
  • Agricultural land, state owned 256 ha of limestone, rocky soil in the middle of Dalmatia, not far from national park Krka, Mediterranean climate, limestone rocky area with unique agricultural land (plantation) of wine, fruit, olive and vegetables.
  • One of Croatia´s most potential tourist areas with more than 6000 ha of mine suspected areas. 56 ha in one plot, part of 256 ha appointed tourist zone preparing for public tender, still possible to participate in proposal bidding based on matching funds for demining, land release for the right project. RELINK can facilitate your investment.
  • Sibenik-Knin County has a well developed urban plan including Vrpolje (industrial zone near highway), Cista Velika (construction zone) and Drnis, Kadina Glavica (agricultural land and wind-zones).
  • Private owned land for sale near the sea and tourist zone.
State owned Agro and Forestry land in Lika-Senj County, Croatia
  • Lika-Senj County with a total of 270 ha of mine suspected area. State and private owned land, agricultural land, highland, forest and pasturage land. Northern part ideal for wind farms, agriculture while coast and south is surrounded by the National park of mount Velebit.
  • Concession of state owned land, public tender or privatization based on the right business plan, 100 – 400 ha in one flat plot, 300 ha in concession based on tender proposals (special requirements).
  • 100 – 200 ha none agricultural mine suspected areas for sale, possible for construction land, waste management, renewable energy (wind/biomass) in industrial zone.
  • Total area of interest is between 1.600 – 2.000 ha.



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