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  • Public Private Partnerships (PPP) is one of the important roads to recovery after the global financial crisis.
  • The platform of Integrated Mine Action Projects (IMAP) is one of the first good examples of PPP were private investors were willing to provide co-funding for demining and reclamation of arable land in return of free long term commission of state owned land for agricultural, energy, environment and development projects.
  • PPP in the context of EU Investment Pre-Accession funds (IPA), the external aid program from European Union to Western Balkan is another potential structure to stimulate a successful PPP in South East Europe.
  • So far the interest from the private sector has been limited. One reason is the time and resources required for project building and application, when call for tenders and proposals are published, not knowing the chances of success.
  • Another important dimension is the none-profit declaration to be found in most EU funded projects.
  • RELINK is developing an investment catalog and specific projects based on previous experiences with PPP from Nordic investment companies and international donors in the region.
  •  The idea of PPP has slowly but steady been growing based on last years development work around the world.
  •  PPP establishment of sustainable partnerships between public organizations or public institutions and private partners in order to develop and share corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  • European Commission encourage PPP in the EU enlargement process in the region.
  • RELINK has specialized in facilitating PPP projects and activities as mediator and business developer including a strong network for co-funding for humanitarian demining via the International Trust Fund in Ljubljana, Slovenia, based on matching funds 1:1 EURO, followed by development or investment in the released land.



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