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Matching funds, increased capacity
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  • RELINK – a regional link in Mine Action in South East Europe was founded in Croatia in 2009. The idea is to improve the concept of Integrated Mine Action Projects (IMAP) based on matching funds 1:1 €uro. 
  • The idea is to motivate private investors to join the work of releasing mine suspected areas, reducing risk and initiating investment in mine suspected areas, often known as state areas of special concern. The goal is to develop the concept in the Western Balkan region including Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina.  In a second phase the concept could be exported to other parts of the world.
  • The donation will be used for demining projects in various mine contaminated locations based on the investors plans.
  • The IMAP projects have a commercial profile, often in an area with attractive subventions, incentives and favorable tax conditions.  
  • A typical project will include two public tenders. First tender is the demining project, second tender is related to concession or purchase of state owned land. 
  • The turn around of an IMAP project is normally from 6 - 12 months depending on the size of the minefield, the time of the year and the incorporation of the annual mine action plan.
  • The matching donations shall be used for demining projects in mine contaminated regions. In return the investor will invest in the released land based on local government support and state approval.
  • Final decision about which location is entitled for the donation will be mutually agreed between the investor and the Fund based on approval from involved decision makers. This decision must be taken before planning, demining and land release. 
  • When the investor provides matching funds for demining of state owned land, a strong business plan is normally required. The land can be provided on free concession conditions for up to 10 years followed by very attractive conditions. RELINK can facilitate your project including identifying the right project, negotiation with ITF, NMAA and all other authorities providing location permits for your project.



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