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Subvention and incentives
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Constantly changing market conditions can place restrictions upon investors and development assistance abilities to conduct business efficiently and cost-effectively. And it’s just not feasible for them to employ highly trained individuals for tackling each and every problem with which they are confronted. Capitalizing upon its broad knowledge base across a comprehensive range of industries, RELINK can provide the necessary in-depth knowledge, methodology and tools to help fill in the gaps.

Reducing and controlling operating costs, without damaging the core business, is vital for all organisations, particularly for small medium enterprises, new entrepreneurs and Cross-border-Corporation. This, combined with the need to manage often complex customer relationships, rapid changes in demand, and improvements in the management of your supply chain, means that organizations need to continually seek ways to improve business performance in order to survive.

RELINK can provide an independent advisory services team comprising international professionals and highly qualified local resources, dedicated to helping you address these pressing commercial issues. 

Taxpayers, who perform their business activities in areas of special state interest have the right to use specific tax incentives. These incentives are regulated by specific laws whose amendments recently came into force. RELINK corporates with experienced partners such as KPMG Croatia in relation to subventions, tax incentives and with TMF Croatia regarding business support, bookkeeping and payrolls. 



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